Wednesday, September 26, 2012


- When my dreams ran wild and my mind was free, as mustangs they raced across the plains, being of nature and trialing to tame.
- Hope is everlasting. All you have to do is believe.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Moment to be Strong

There comes a time, a moment in time when we all have the choice to be strong.
We can let that moment break us or break. Either way the choice is made whether we realize it or not.
Do we wallow in our heartbreak or tell ourselves to be strong?
It's easy to be strong for me.
I'll save you the all-too-sad story of my past but we'll just say my life its made me tough. It's made me strong.
I once had the emotional range of a rock.
How do you be strong? You ask.
It's simple. You tell yourself you don't care.
You suck it up. You hold your head high.
He broke your heart and shattered it into a million pieces?
- You don't care.
He said mean and hurtful things?
- So...
These maybe harsh words but sometimes harsh words have to be spoken and they have to be heard.
But don't think life will be easy when you're strong. You're wrong. It will be harder. You'll hurt those closest to you and you'll push people away. Trust me, I know but you won't care because you'll be strong.
Being strong comes at a price. What is the price you are willing to pay? You have to ask yourself.
Because being strong means shutting down parts of your heart. It means closing the doors of feelings. It means not trusting people, family or friends. It means depending solely on yourself. It means dropping the past and never looking back.
You'll build walls so high if they were a mountain, thy would easily dwarf Mount Everest. 
When you're strong and have been for so long, its hard to open your heart again. It's going to take a miracle, a willing attitude to change and its going to take someone who loves you enough to chip away, little by little, your stony walls. Even then, that person has to be committed and consistent or else you'll toughen up threefold of what you were before. Trust me I know.