Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thieves of Lying

Masters of an art,
  Eloquently they weave out the truth and in the lie.
  With lies the feed our minds.
The Thieves of Lying
They steal the truth as a thief in the night.
  They take the truth and replace it with the lie.
The Thieves of Lying
Tricksters are they.
  They walk around plain as day.
  Then waiting in the shadows of night to strike.
Thieves of Lying
Deceiving is their game.
  Concealing what is real in a cloudy haze.
  Playing tricks on your eyes.
Thieves of Lying
Victims are we.
  Taking and trusting their words to be true.
  While they put on the mask of feign.
Thieves of Lying
They don't stop.
  They prevaricate and equviocate as they weave their web of    lies.    
Thieves of Lying
Helpless are we
  To their schemes
  They feed on our misery and prey on our pain.
Thieves of Lying
Their web will be their doom.
  The sticky strands will wrap around their fingers pulling them in.
Thieves of Lying
Their lies will be revealed.
  They will hang their head in shame at their web of lies, as the truth is told and lies exposed.
Thieves of Lying
Fools they thought us to be
  We believed their every lie which dripped black from their lips.
Thieves of Lying
Wise are we
  For seeing them for what they really are.
  Thieves. Liars. Pretenders.
They are the Thieves of Lying.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


- When my dreams ran wild and my mind was free, as mustangs they raced across the plains, being of nature and trialing to tame.
- Hope is everlasting. All you have to do is believe.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Moment to be Strong

There comes a time, a moment in time when we all have the choice to be strong.
We can let that moment break us or break. Either way the choice is made whether we realize it or not.
Do we wallow in our heartbreak or tell ourselves to be strong?
It's easy to be strong for me.
I'll save you the all-too-sad story of my past but we'll just say my life its made me tough. It's made me strong.
I once had the emotional range of a rock.
How do you be strong? You ask.
It's simple. You tell yourself you don't care.
You suck it up. You hold your head high.
He broke your heart and shattered it into a million pieces?
- You don't care.
He said mean and hurtful things?
- So...
These maybe harsh words but sometimes harsh words have to be spoken and they have to be heard.
But don't think life will be easy when you're strong. You're wrong. It will be harder. You'll hurt those closest to you and you'll push people away. Trust me, I know but you won't care because you'll be strong.
Being strong comes at a price. What is the price you are willing to pay? You have to ask yourself.
Because being strong means shutting down parts of your heart. It means closing the doors of feelings. It means not trusting people, family or friends. It means depending solely on yourself. It means dropping the past and never looking back.
You'll build walls so high if they were a mountain, thy would easily dwarf Mount Everest. 
When you're strong and have been for so long, its hard to open your heart again. It's going to take a miracle, a willing attitude to change and its going to take someone who loves you enough to chip away, little by little, your stony walls. Even then, that person has to be committed and consistent or else you'll toughen up threefold of what you were before. Trust me I know.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


As I walk down the street, I see a little white cloud.
He has followed me for three blocks now.
I look up to him and ask, "sir why is it you follow me so?"
"Have you ever sat upon a cloud?" He asks.
"I have not."
"I was wondering what life was like way down here. That is why I have followed you so."
Honored, I feel for few are followed by clouds.
I decided to show him around.
I showed him the flowers, which he marvels because he can't see them way up there.
I showed him the forests and pines.
"They look so small from the sky!"
We walk the fields, which are ready to plant.
"Way up there they look like a patch but here they are so vast!
I would have never thought the world was so big!" He exclaims.
We gaze at nature in all her beauty.
But a police car rooms by with loud sirens.
"What is that?" He asks.
I think of the sadness of my world and the wars.
"Sometimes the world is not so nice." I sadly say.
The cloud seems to have turned grey.
"That is sad indeed" he agrees.
"What is life like way up in the sky?" I ask.
"It's filled with kindness and compassion.
The birds are your friends.
At night we play with the stars
We never grow weary but if one is sad, so are we all."
"It sounds lovely" I state.
"I will take you if you like"
He offers a seat and up we go.
We go so high the world begins to fade below.
So small our world seems way up here. 
Of being cold, I have no fear.
For the cloud has wrapped me in his warmth.
The other clouds greet me kindly.
The birds sing to me sweetly.
At night the stars come out.
Hide and seek is what we play.
They twinkle and sparkle and give themselves away.
Bunches of fun we have, way up here in the sky.
But too soon I grow weary of no work and all play.
I miss the colors of my world.
For here in the sky is mostly grey.
The cloud asks me, "why do you look so blue?"
"I miss my home down below."
"Oh my! What do we do?"
"Will you take me back home?"
The cloud looks down.
"You wish to go back below?"
"Yes" I quietly say.
"Very well" the cloud sadly says.
He offers me a seat and all too soon we start our descend down.
Down, down, down we go the cloud and I.
Once we have reached below, the cloud turns grey.
"We shall miss you, way up in the sky"
"I shall miss all of you" I sadly say.
Our goodbye is short and sweet.
And wouldn't you know it the cloud started to cry.
He flies in a hurry to be back in the sky.
Pretty soon the sky turns grey.
And I remember the words he said.
'If one is sad, so are we all'
Now their tears begin to fall.
Rain pours down from the sky.
I realize no one is too big to cry.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I Miss Most

{ A few pages, a couple minutes of my time can never compare to the love I have for you, inside }

  To pick up the phone and dial your number. It's no longer in service and heaven doesn't have a phone number.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  To stop by and see your face full of surprise.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  Just to talk about the good ole days.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  Sharing stories and laughing until we cry.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  The comfort and peace you offered. All your wise advice.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  The love you have shown me. I'll forever carry in my heart.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  Smelling of Stampede after-shave and Old Spice from a warm embrace.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  Hearing the voice of a man who meant the world to me.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  A kiss on the cheek as a final farewell.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  At night, fast asleep, I dream of your face.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  Though its been months and I cannot cry. Instead I hide my pain.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  You carried my only regret and I cannot turn back time.
It's what I miss most about these days.
  I'm glad for all our time spent together but...
It's what I miss most about these days.
  You are what I miss most about these days but I know you're in a better place.
It's what I miss most about these days.


As a songbird whose lost his joy to sing
As a star's last dying day, falling from the sky
Nevermore will it shine.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Road Rash

Have you ever felt like your heart has road rash? Based against the pavement at 200 miles per hour without a helmet; peeling away layer by layer; penetrating to your core. Leaving it rough, tender, sore, dripping in blood. Yeah I know.

Then there comes a time, just a moment in time; it violently tears at the scab. Displaying it from the fleshy heart. A second is all it takes, to ruin the work of healing. You lay open and exposed again, with no scab to protect the wound. Making you start all over again. Yeah I know.

The Battle

To unveil this long kept secret
To revel what my lying eyes have told
To release such a dark creature

To be free of a battle that since long ago, has proceeded
To remove my scared helmet
To drop my shield

To sheath my sword
To unlatch my armor
To step away from chaos

To walk off the battlefield
To leave it behind
To face the sun

To embrace the warmth of it's rays on my face
To run, to run far away
To run without taking a breath

To run without missing a step
To run through the trees
To run through the fields

To reach the gates
To see the Father
To receive His loving-kindness

To be welcomed as His daughter into his arms
To be forgiven
To be accepted

To be free from addiction
To have no more pain
To have no more burdens

To have no more worries
To be safe at last
To be seen perfect in His eyes, for He created me

To give praise
To give glory
To honor His name

To be with my brothers
To be with my sisters
To be with my King, my Savior for all of my days

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

And Where do We Find Ourselves?

And where do we find ourselves?
Through the hurt
Through the anger
Through the pain
How do we find ourselves again, after a rain?
Through the fog
Through the mist
Through the dampness
How do we claim ourselves again?
Through the tears
Through the heartbreak
Through the sorrow
How do we regain ourselves again?
Through the sleepless nights
Through the meaningless lies
Through the façade and fake smiles
How do we become ourselves again?
Through the struggles
Through the empty feelings
Through the reminders of what was lost
Lost like the little piece of your heart
Gone forever in an abyss
Never to return
Leaving you forever broken
Forever scarred, to always wear it upon your heart.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As a Bird

As a bird, broken from flight
As a bird, with broken wings
No more lovely is my flight

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Oh Night come swiftly and drift me off to sleep With heaven leaden eyes ,I lay wishing to dream Within your dark cover I seek peace Awaiting a restful night "Clear your mind," the Night says "I shall show you marvelous things of that which you will dream" Oh Night, come softly to ease this troubled mind. With your mystical powers take me away. Far away. On adventures and into my lover's arms. Oh Night, fulfill this which you have promised. And take me into the night. The Night wraps me in his darkness so easily and kind. "Come my dear," the Night whispers gently "Rest for your body and soul is what you seek and is that which I provide. For some hours you will be mine. So come my dear and close your eyes". I follow helplessly and willingly to my pursuer. "Come" the Night beckons more urgently. The Night tugs at me eagerly as a child wishing to play. "Yes. I will come" I answer. I am eager also to see what is in store for this night. My eyes close ever so slowly while my mind wonders through a dark place. I surrender all consciousness to the Night, awaiting the peace to flow. "That's it. Come to me, my dear" I hear the Night say As I drift to sleep in the comfort of my sheets.


The morning whispers ever so softly in my ear "wake up" My eyelids flutter as I come to life The light, filters through the curtains landing on the sheets next to me What does this morning have for me? To wake me from my short slumber "Time to get up" I hear it coax Calling me from the warmth of my bed I resist, but the morning knows well of me It then gently wraps me within its grasp Pulling me away from my peaceful dreams and rest "Arise. For today is a new day. A new light shall shine" The morning sooths appealing to my better nature Oh how I love the thought of a new day, a new start My eyes are wide open A smile stretches across my face "There. Much better. There is much to be done today, beloved." "Yes" I reply to the morning, "There are many things to do today" Without any more convincing I climb down from my bed Yes. The morning was right. Today will be a new day. A new start.

The Disposition of the Alluring Lights

The alluring lights hung so beautifully in the sky But once captured all too soon fade The smile on your face from their wonderment Is replaced with a frown of disappointment Their mysteries revel themselves Though beautiful they are filled with selfishness Deceit is their game at which they play Lying is their forte Their charm is consumed within their conceitedness Their black hearts tell of their nature Their true intent is to display disillusionment which you will buy To please and content them is what you are fooled to do Stupid of you but yet you are too blind to see They slander that which is good Malice and chaos is that which they seek They feign being kind and friendly But too soon you discover their character is deadly How so may a creature torment you? The answer is simple you see You are only sought as a pawn A mere piece to add to their collection An object of little value Lowly is all they see you as For they have no feelings of remorse or regret For they have no heart for such things it is a waste for them They only feign and they only pretend They will use you and leave you in the end

The Forest

The Forest, with hard woods Maple, Pine and Oaks. Trees as old as Time itself. Many of them watching our time pass With no more than a flicker of their own. What age and wisdom they hold for us. Oh what stories they could tell. Their serene and calm nature. I am lost in their peacefulness The earthly smell surrounds me. The dampened black soil and moist leaves. The air is warm and soothing just after the rain. The leaves left from the previous fall are beneath my feet. Debris from others whose time had come and gone To return to the rich soil in which they used to thrive. It is early morning. The dew is settling on every exposed surface. The moisture touches my lips as I breath in and out. The sun fights through the endless number of leaves. Nonetheless some rays manage to slip in the cracks. A few of the rays fall onto my skin. The rest play on the ground of the forest to which I have traveled. The sun allows enough light for me to see through the forest's darkness. I descry the surrounding trees. I am lost to their beauty and elegance. All of them different. From their roots to their new sprouts of leaves. The river birch is the closest to me. I place my hand on the smooth bark. It was always beautiful to me with it's unusual white color. There is a groan as it's branches sway. Almost as if it welcomed my company. What a wondrous place. I continue my journey through the forest, leaving my companion behind. Not a sound in this forest. Even my footsteps fall silent. If I listen carefully, I can almost hear them talk. Answering unspoken questions. I take it all in. The sights, the smells, the lack of sound, the leaves and sticks laying in the path. I come to the clearing. Blinded from the sudden burst of light. The wind hits my face. This new place so alien from where I once was. I gander behind. And place my hand on a familiar Oak. "Goodbye" I say, sad to leave this place of peace. My head up looking toward the sunrise. I take the first step into the grassy plain. Ever so softly I hear them whisper "Goodbye".

The Ledge

The decisions I make are not my own. 'Take a left, it's only a stone's throw' The path which leads to the ledge. The ledge of unknown, of wonder, of great mystery. My known years could not prepare me for this. My path is filled with wondering in the lost, turns of misleading. But your hand softly clutches mine. Through the dreary fog I see your face. "You'll always have my hand to hold" you gently say. A pair are we now as we make it by somehow. Stitched together are we for our lives and by our tragedy. Nonetheless here we stand on the ledge. Dark clouds above and heavy is the air that's across the ledge. Stare as we will hard as we might there is no seeing of what lies beyond the ledge. Apart, great is our courage as the cowardly lion. But our trust in each other is what holds us together. Our bond is strong which it needs be to conquer the great mystery. There is no turning back and no regrets. Memories and milestones will be all that's left when we cross the ledge. Now. All that's left to do is step.


If... If words were true and pictures lies, would we see the world in a different light? If people said what they meant, meant what they said, would we trust again? If promises were kept and not left in the air as empty space, would we bond again? If we loved forever and always as we wished, would we heal the hurt inside our hearts? If we wished upon a star, shining brightly in the sky, would we believe again? If a miracle came passing by, would we recognize it's disguise or walk on by? If we had the chance to do again what was done, would we make it better? If we changed our lives, would people see how different it could be? If we found true happiness, would we leave our materials to pursue true joy?