Monday, March 28, 2016

What box?

<Instead of thinking out of the box, get rid of the box>
         -Deepak Chopra 

What happens when we get rid of the box? I can see some panicked faces already. Don't worry the box wasn't important anyway.
To be truly unique as writers we must, we must, we must, get rid of the box. Be out of the ordinary from out of the ordinary. Don't be like all those writers who say they aren't like those "other" writers. (I don't have any more of those cliches; you're safe for now). So what if the essence of your novel has been done a million times over. It's the details that make it YOUR novel. It's YOUR writing style that make it different. Take a little risk. Do something spontaneous! This is a call to action! Just kidding.
You don't need to lose yourself or your novel to changes you make to the story. But you do need to make it shine in a way only you can, differently than those other writers. Make sense? Good.

Keep your pen up!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Time Will Not

"You may delay but time will not"  -Benjamin Franklin 

Do you ever have those days where the list of things to do is too long and the day too short?
I believe we all do. This time of year is always busy for us. Tax time gets insane as there is a scramble for the last crumpled receipt stuck between the passenger seat and the console. With the hubs being self employed, there is a lot of extra work (and pressure!) for me. I'm responsible for the calculations of all the receipts and purchases and deductions. Normally as someone who battles with time management in the worst way possible, I would rather suck my thumb in the corner rather than look at all the work ahead. (Fitting for an aspiring author, don't you think?) This year was different. I avoided all distaste, tears and stress while caring for our newborn son! (AH-HA!) How?
The phrase at the beginning is a spectacular example of how we should live day to day.
I beat all my obstacles by putting the tax preparation ahead of daily activities. As soon as a month was finished I entered the numbers into the spread sheet. Let me tell you, busting my hind end to get all that done was worth it. I'm nearly stress free and we have our tax appointment tomorrow. Everything is level. Now if I can apply that to my writing, I'd have another six novels under my belt. I've learned from my situation. If I don't make the time for my WIP it will infinitely be just that. Work. In. Progress. And even though it isn't my first love, it's far. I get lost in trying to keep up with the laundry and the dishes while making meals or sweeping, I delay working on my novel. Now my lovelies I must go and write.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Defeat vs. Resilience

"Defeat is in your mind. Resilience is in your soul."
Keri Murphy

         The power of positive thought, some consider it a way of life while others consider it hokie. Can it really change the outcome of circumstances? I'll leave it for you to decide, ultimately. Just allow me a few minutes of your time. To be honest I believe our self-reflected thoughts have a lot to do with the out come of situations. Why do some authors never make it to publishing while others fade away? Maybe it's because they didn't have the right people pushing lights into their dark thoughts. Maybe Keri was on to something. If we already believe we'll never accomplish our dreams than there isn't really a point to all of our hard work and sacrifice. But, we carry on. We struggle. We cry. We feel crushed. We have pride followed by insecurity. We find that thin fiber of our being that desperately wants out, to write until sundown and then some. It's our resilience that keeps us going. It keeps us reaching for those stars.

          Keep your pen up!