Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Wishing Well

The stillness of the forest, echoes in my ears.
Slowly making my way through the trees, to a magical well.
This well grants wishes to those who seek it. The well can cause no harm.
The well only allows wishes within the well being of the person.
No offering is made, for the debt has been paid.
I brush aside a branch, careful not to disturb it or the peace resting in this place.
A shimmer of light, I see washing into a clearing.
I make my way into that direction, having no compass, but following the tug on my heart.
My breathing is shallow & light. It is the only sound.
I have never seen this well. I've heard wondrous things about it.
It is from a far away land, too beautiful to be described.
A chorus of voices beyond anything heard. Joy so great, one forgets of a broken & painful past.
Strangers, from a far away land, have told of me of this well.
They said, "Seek & you will find. Ask & it shall be granted."
"I beg you, give me the map to this well" I plead.
Slowly they shake their heads. "There is none on paper & ink for you to see.
Follow your heart & your heart alone but do not be deceived. There are others
Who wish you harm. Be warned.
They stop at nothing to corrupt the way to the well. Blessed is your journey, for few make it.
Now flee & seek, child. For it is the only way to survive what is to come. Peace be with you."
Fright is in my eyes. Questions with no answers crowding my head. But I do not speak.
For they have left me, these strangers from a far away land.
The stillness is bothersome now. Where are birds?
Where are their voices? Not to be heard.
I start running. The only reaction I have. Running.
My breathing, labored & deep. My hands out stretched to catch the branches & push them away.
I must run faster. I must find the well.
My heart is pounding in my chest. I hear the sound. Thump-thump-thump-thump.
It matches the pace of my feet, falling hard on the ground. Thud-thud-thud-thud.
I stop.
I have to...catch my breath. All is silent. I descry my surroundings.
I stand just in the edge of a clearing. Light breaking through the trees. Shadows engulf everything else.
I hear a rustle in the bushes. All the air I was breathing is now held in.
There is a chuckle. I want to run again. I have a gut-wrenching feeling.
A man steps out of the shadows. Slowly revealing himself. "Hello.
Don't look so scared," he laughs. His laugh is not musical, as the strangers. It is dark & full of malice.
"Why have you come so far my darling? How may I assist you?
Oh, come now don't be shy. I know! We'll start with a name. Mine is Malevolent.
What is it they call you?" he asks.
"Treowe" I reply.
"Treowe. That's very interesting. Tell me, Treowe, what is that which you seek?" Malevolent inquirers.
" I seek the wishing well," I say.
"Ahh. The well."
"Do you know of it?"
"Hmm…I do. I do know of this well."
"I beg you, tell me which direction it is. Am I close?"
"Why yes you are getting very close to the well. But I must ask a favor in return." He chuckles.
My heart is pounding faster. It screams inside my chest.
"What is your favor?" I inquire. My stomach drops to the floor as I realize what he could possible want.
My face is drained of color. Curiosity worn on my face is replaced with fear.
I was warned. The strangers told me of this. Yet I willingly proceeded to keep myself in danger.
Malevolent lets out a hoarse laugh. It seems as if the sun was forbid to shine in the clearing.
It vanishes behind clouds. And it has grown dim in the forest clearing.
"My favor is simple. I want you to sign your name. That's all. Just write your name & I shall
Lead you to the well which you seek," he coaxes with a smile.
Malevolent snaps his fingers.
A pen appears in his hand. Another snap & a parchment, he grasps.
"How do I know you will lead me to the well?" I question.
"Gentleman always keep their word. I have been a gentleman, have I not"
"Yes. You most certainly have." I clear my throat; its dry with fear.
Malevolent takes a step closer.
"Come now. Lets get this over with." His voice smooth with a little urgency.
I blink. Malevolent is standing squarely in front of me.
Startled, I jump back. He was a step ahead & closed the gap quickly.
Now! My heart screams inside my chest. Run!
Lost. I look for a way out.
Malevolent chuckles, as if feeding from my doubt.
Then I was running. Running away from the tortured screams of Malevolent.
My breathing is heavy. It does not conceal the noise which trails me.
"Come back here!!!" Malevolent shouts.
I push harder, running as fast as my legs can manage without tripping on the debris beneath my feet.
He is closer now. I am scared. What will he do if he catches me?
Panic courses through my body. It propels me.
" I said STOP!" He yells.
He is so close I can feel his breath brush my neck. It feels too hot to be normal.
Almost as if smoke were coming from his lungs & not air.
I dare not look.
Suddenly I feel a breeze along my back. There is an audible sound as
Malevolent's fist clutches air instead of me.
I gasp. My lungs ache. It is harder to breath. My body pouring heat.
He's too close.
His eyes, I can feel, are staring, starving, ready to capture this girl too weak to run anymore.
I'm so tired. What if I just gave up?
My thoughts are interrupted with my scream, as his nails dig into my skin & slice across my back.
I don't remember his nails being long, razor sharp & long.
I'm done for.
I squeeze my eyes shut.
I want to cry.
I try harder.
I trip & fall down into a stream.
"NO!" Malevolent belts. He yells of anguish & defeat.
I half lay in the soothing water. Cool against my burning flesh.
I am able to breath. Greedily, I take long, slow & deep breathes.
Slowly, I turn to Malevolent. His eyes burning fire red.
He quickly turns & stomps off. Just like a child who has lost a game.
I compose myself. I stand, then look down at this miraculous stream which saved my life.
My heart tugs eagerly for me to continue onward.
To continue my seeking of this well.
The silence is not bothersome now. I don't know how.
I walk out of the stream & into the trees.
The forest is less dense here. It is easier to see.
My heart cheerfully leads me the way. I smile though I have escaped certain death.
My breathing is shallow & light. It is the only sound.
The trees start to thin. Worry fills me. Have I lost my way? My feet carry me.
They keep going without any recognition of my worrying.
Abruptly, I am stopped.
There is the well.
I wait.
Is something suppose to happen? Do I approach it? What if it's a trap?!
Skeptically I look around. My eyes scanning the area.
I walk closer to the well.
It is beautiful. Untouched by time or the weather.
It is composed of field stones. Which are strategically placed together & some how fitting.
The well is very large. It has a diameter of almost twelve feet.
It stands about four and half feet tall.
Oh, what time it must have taken to make such a thing.
I gently rub one of the stones which composes this masterpiece.
I am fixated on the well without any cause or reason.
Yet I know I am to be here. Standing at this well,
What for, I have yet to find.
Do I wish? It is a wishing well after all.
Do I simply talk?
I was far from found. All the more, I was lost.
I was confused too close to the point of insanity.
Images ran through my head. They are of the place of beauty & joy.
It was of the place which the strangers discoursed of. The place where the well is from.
It was nothing here I was assured. For the places here are of destruction & sadness.
Where my home is, there is not a truth to be found, but only lies.
My home is far from this well and my home was not the thing that came to mind.
What for do I ask? Never before such anticipation had consumed me.
Have I traveled for nothing? Have I only traveled just to stand before the wishing well,
Thus, leaving no wishes? No. I have come for reasons of my home.
I wanted the joy & peace of that place.
I longed for a home of no trouble, brokenness & sadness.
I yearned for it.
As if the well would disappear, I closed my eyes & whispered,
"Take me away."
My heart ached ever so much to be rid of my home. To be gone was sure survival.
To stay was sure death.
I wake up, as if I had been dreaming.
The sound which halted my slumber was not of fire, sirens & screams of the innocent.
It was the sound of voices. Beautiful voices sang out in pure happiness.
The thought crosses my mind, what if I'm dead?
I open my eyes.
Light, too pure & white, shines, forcing my eyes shut.
I try again.
The light was not over bearing as the first time.
I could see clearly. I room which I lay is all white.
Pure & untouched, was everything in the room.
Through the open doorway, I see a wonderful blue sky.
No clouds of darkness reign there. It is crisp & clean.
Slowly I sit up.
I was laying in bed? How did I come of this place?
I touch the soft white sheets. Then push on the mattress. Feathers?
Suddenly, I remember the nails of Malevolent against my back. I shudder at the thought of the pain.
I jump to the mirror hanging not far from my bed. To my astoundment, my back is unmarked.
I run my fingers across the smooth skin, which once was a bloodied mess.
Questions are filling my head. But there are so many things to address.
Never have a seen such a beautiful place.
I stretch, thankful for the rest.
My heart filled with glee.
Where do I start?
My heart tugs for me to walk outside my room, like an anxious child.
Oh, think of the adventure you shall have; my heart is ever so convincing.
I step over the threshold of my room.
With my mouth agape, I am lost in beauty of this place.
It is indescribable.
I walk onto the wondrous blue sky & begin my adventure with joy. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things of Beauty In Nature

There are things in this world I believe everyone takes for granted at one time or another. It's the simple things in life in reality. For instance, the moon. Have you ever noticed just after sunset, the moon? The sun is slowly sinking behind the earth to awake the other side, barely are it's rays touching the land, just for a few moments the moon, which almost is transparent is rising in the sky. The moon looks so big and grand you could touch the pitted surface. I always gasp in wonderment. It always stop my train of thought and I think, Look how beautiful it is! Most people probably don't notice.
The wind blows through the corn fields making it rattle as a snake. 
The smell of the laundry after it's been hanging to dry outside. 
The colors the clouds make with the sky as sun begins our day by saying, "Hello" 
The flowers in bloom, bringing a break from green and lighting our world in glorious color.
My world could never be black and white. I am spoiled by the colors of life.
The silence of the country. So still. So quiet. As if peace itself rests here. 
The song of the birds, playing outside. 
The feel of the soft grass beneath bare feet. 
A rainbow high in the sky reflecting from the soft rain.
The smell of earth as the soil is tilled. 
The fading of bean fields, readying for harvest. 
The wheat field by the corn field. The colors contrasting so harshly yet so beautifully. 
The natural stream and marsh land that holds as a home to the wildlife and a swan, who so elegantly glides on the water and takes into flight, making me wish I could fly. Where do you go in cold weather? Will you take me with you?
The warmth of the sun on your skin. Your body sighing at the heat needed on fall days.
The changing of the leaves, falling slowly to the ground.
The naked trees preparing for the winter when frost and snow shall be constant companions. 
The smell of the pine, ever so strong in winter as the chilly wind blows. 
The light shining off the trees covered in ice. Truly, a winter wonderland.