Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Twenty: Seventeen

So my lovelies;
This year is half over....or half started if you're one of *those* people. 
As far as writing goals this year, yes I am winning! 
My first milestone was to complete revision of novel: book 1 plus write a query letter for said novel BY June 1, 2017. 
So I've moved on to milestone #2. Type out completed Sci-Fi book 1 BY December 30, 2017. This may seem odd to some of you. But ya see, I have a weakness for hand writing my novels in composition notebooks with just the right pen. Huge weakness I know. My life would be much less complicated if only, IF ONLY, I typed all my novels from the beginning. I can't bring myself to commit to such a big task. Plus, notebooks can be easily carried in the over-sized bags I love to tote around. I guess it feels like all the charm slips from my fingers when I begin to type. 
I'm also working on setting new milestones for next year, although those greatly depend on the success of this years milestones. 
Tell me, fellows, how is this writing thing going for you?