Monday, April 28, 2014

Not How Hard

I'm back!
What a crazy ride we call life. I won't get into the details which have kept me from blogging, because the important part is I'm getting back on track. So without further ado...

"It's not about how hard you fall but how fast you get back up."

I'll let you in on one of my writing struggles. I've been neglecting my first novel. Yes you read that right. Neglecting. You may ask how is that possible? When the answer is quite simple. I do everything before writing, e.g. dusting, dishes, laundry, playing candy crush whatever it takes to keep me from writing. Why is your next question. To which my answer is I have fallen. I've been discouraged from writing my novel. Having to revise my novel was literally the worst task for me. I drug my feet and internally groaned about revising my entire novel. Writing is hard enough but having to basically re-write my entire novel...was excruciating. But then something changed. I picked myself back up and my novel. It took me longer to get back up than I would have liked but that's just how life goes. It's not about the downward spiral out of control, its about taking those first steps away from where you've fallen.
And wouldn't you know it, my novel is slim, tight writing & stronger than ever. I'm not focusing on the 59,633 words I have. I'm focusing on that fact I have less than 40k left & a pretty kick ass story to finish.