Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Splicing and Dicing (No This isn't a Weird Experiment)

Hello folks!
So the holiday season is in full swing and my social agenda is totally booked all the way to New Year's. I'm not bragging, I'm mildly freaking out on how to accomplish A-L-L them goals I so ambitiously laid out. 5am? Not happening. Possibly 6am. Meh. What can I say I go to bed late and NEED a solid 7. 
Back on track...
I have unofficially transferred my previous draft to my shiny new one. [Technically I only rewrote the beginning; not the whole novel.] Splicing. Now I'm pounding out all the frayed ends, adding, editing, and cutting. Dicing. As of this moment I am stuck. And I mean stuck hard. Not quite quick sand but the mucky stuff at the bottom of lakes, up past my ankles. The scene is hard to pin down. How do you show something internal that just flips the switch on your main character? Choosing is hard enough. Who would want to leave his/her home, a wealthy betrothed, and all the proper acceptance of society? My character. Simply because she doesn't feel like she belongs...and the thought of marriage frightens her. See what I mean. How can you word vomit this into salvageable literature? If you have any ideas throw them below. If not, oh well. I'm off to beat my brains for the answer to this puzzle. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Technically...It Counts

Hello all!
Yes you may be seeing bright lights for the next month if you've been hiding away for NaNoWriMo. How'd you do? Good? Not so good?
Anyways so the course I've been going on for days about...I finished it! Now the little extras like character building and world building I haven't finished. I plan to though.
Since I used my already finished novel to blow through this course there are a LOT of empty pages in my notebooks, but I do believe it opened my eyes to many flaws in my novel. [Technically it counts that I finished the course! :)]A huge one was pacing. When I planned these books back in 2010 I always figured three. Well that's a big fat X. My pacing needs to be squished into just one book. Maybe a large one book. Man the detail of the course is gritty. Like you better have a scientific equation on why your character chose the blue cloak instead of the green one. It's not in vain though. It's just different as a pantser to be very deliberate in the decisions being made. I'm sure it will pay off in the long run.


Friday, November 24, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017

Anyone out there? Anyone participating? I'm just a curious person by nature. I'm obviously not participating but I wish you all the best in finishing that draft! Get it! I'm officially half way through my purchased course. Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! My goal is February so keep me in check :)
Any how, I'll be short since it's the season to have no sleep and too much food.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

All Is NOT Lost

Hey there! While I haven't dedicated as much attention to this process of plotting out a novel as I would have liked, I am making progress. So for the first time through the course I choose to breath life into my first novel. I realized something. This story hits a LOT of good points. It fits into the course structure so neatly. I'm not giving up on it yet. I'm sticking to my first novel then molding and shaping it into something grand. Weeding out many of the unessential details. All is NOT lost. I have hope I can save this novel then move on to the next great adventure.
Have fun with NaNoWriMo! Since we're half way through November it's pretty clear I'm not participating this year. I wish you best on your writing en-devours.


Friday, November 3, 2017

Is It Working? Because If It's Not Broke Don't Fix It

You know that course I was talking about taking, yup. I did it. I'm two lessons in and I love it. Now I was super skeptical being a pantser. Plotting and all isn't how my brain works. This course was designed with pantsers in mind. So I really think this is going to work. (Stay tuned for updates as I SLAY this.) 
You ever feel like you'll be writing stories for the rest of your life without going anywhere?
Yeah that's how I was starting to feel. I KNOW I have awesome story ideas but getting them executed was seriously hard.
My writing strategy was "broke". Spending hours writing, scribbling on pages, all I had to show were rough rough drafts and half completed stories. Hence the class and learning a new strategy to writing that will still feed my pantser mind.
If you have an awesome writing set up and you're getting somewhere hey give yourself a high five because you're a lot further than some of us.
For the rest of us...that have a broken thing, yeah let's get that fixed up. If you have to use gorilla tape, school glue or double sided tape, let's get that writing thing running.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Yeah! I'll take that course too!

So show of hands of how many people "invest" in themselves. Yeah it's really not my thing either because I have been striking out on the subject time and time again. I spent a chunk of money on copywriting classes, thinking I could use it as a tool to enhance my writing skills. Sure the classes are okay but it feels almost like a waste of money. So then an opportunity comes up (as they often do because Google can be a complete tool sometimes) to 'enroll' in actual writing classes for novels. Hmmm. I'm at an impasse with two of my novels and I literally have dozens of ideas stuffed in drawer. I feel stuck. I can write and write well when I want. I have original ideas, at least a unique twist of the ideas I have, so why can't I finish just two of them? Maybe because my stories have no plot set in stone and I'm a huge time pantser. ;)
So what if this course will legit help me? Geez. This is exactly the type of thinking that gets me into a mess. What do you think?

Yeah, I'm going to do it anyways and hope for the best.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I'm Taking the Plunge: Let's Hope There's Water Under the Bridge

Hello there!
So you know this WIP, side-of-a-side project I'm working on; dark, dirty, drug queen-pin?
Yeah. I'm going for the plunge.
I'm going to self-pub.
Here's the thing. The content is rough. Like if this was a movie it would be R rated. There's profanity out the wazoo. It's not my thing at all but this character is so amazing in a creative corrupt kind of way. How many people do you know cuss like a sailor but have a heart of gold? Well my character doesn't have a heart of gold because it's full of drugs, figuratively.
Anyways I was researching a little bit about self-pub. Then I ran with it. I found the perfect font. The PERFECT cover photo. It was like it was meant to be. So within a couple months I could have a polished perfect e-book for someone who would like to read something along the lines of this WIP. Anyone reading this interested?  :)


Saturday, October 14, 2017

When You Just Don't Know

I'm sure you've all been there. The cross-roads of life. Wonderful aren't they? That's kind where I'm at with this story. Character intro...check. Opening scene...check. Catalyst to push her decision...check. But what now? I've read SO many articles about how to formulate this and plan for that and know your character inside and out. UGH. I just want to write people! Do I really need the baking ingredients to traditional bread made with indigence plants only eaten by the village people for one time a year? No. I do not and you know what? Neither do you. Do your self a favor and stop. Stop reading advice and articles for 5 minutes. Yes planning is good. Yes plot structure, blah, blah, blah is awesome. ALTHOUGH, none of it will simply write your story for you. Do you even have a story after all that or has self-doubt and "I've been doing it all wrong" attitude sucked the life from you?
Consider this your kick in the pants day. Congratulations.
Now just block out all the things you've read that promise to fix your story in 3 easy steps. Just. Write.


Friday, October 6, 2017

I'm Not Totally Hating It

Rewriting is awful. Super awful. Confession: I'm not totally hating it. I figured I'd dig my heels in but I didn't think I would actually enjoy it. My character seems more real. She's not like the petty girl I unintentionally made her to be. No. She's strong to the core and awkward. I'm still trying to iron out all the hows but I'm trying to ignore it and focus on just completing. I want the story to flow organically. If I can tell when a novel is rushed when reading it; readers are going to sniff it out in my own novel.  I've also filled in a ton of things that weren't in my first three drafts. Before my novel was mild Fantasy. Now it's full blown with creatures of darkness and magic. Maybe that's what it was missing in the first place. Maybe it was too confusing because of "loose ends".  I really am loving whats happening so now I just need to finish it 100x faster than the other drafts, example before next year.
Happy writing.

Monday, September 25, 2017

New Adventure Begins

Hi there! So if you've kept up with anything I've posted, I got some closing news.
I'm rewriting my novel. My Fantasy New Adult (first written novel). It sucks big time. How do you scrap & rewrite without writing the SAME thing?! (Any advice would be great if you have some) So I'm trying to mentally block all the details of book one as to not write them in book 2. The problem is *UGH* it already has the same elements and I'm only 3 pages in. I'm trying to establish an emotional connection with the reader and my character and the only way I have so far is to show how the character's life is. (Is that so wrong?) Maybe I'll research the topic and come up with a new view.
My dark and dirty drug underworld is coming along. I'm kinda in a weird spot though. The story has plateaued and I'm working an angle for a climax (although there is a lot of other climaxing going on, pun intended). I didn't think I would like writing something so vulgar, degrading, drug related but it's kind of fun. Who doesn't like drug, sex, and a cuss word every other sentence? I personally wouldn't pick it up and read it but ya know there's all kinds of people out there. All kinds.


Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Final Chapter, possibly?

So I haven't heard back from any more agents. This is the hard part. The heart-wrenching-I-don't-want-to-do-it part. I'll chalk it up as a no go for any other agents. I sit here and tap my fingers on what to do next. Do I strip and rewrite my entire novel? </3 (OUCH! *cue chest pains) Do I simply rework my query? My query is pretty solid, but maybe not if it's not attracting agents. (???????)
I'm not feeling my sci-fi book. I don't even want to look at it right now. I seriously would be CRUSHED if my sci-fi got me an agent and not my already queried novel. Plus I originally thought I could pass it off for a series, then decided against that. I know I wrote sci-fi was easy but I truly think it was my ignorance showing. One of those, "what in the world wide web was I thinking?" moments. I think it's salvageable but still way deeper than planets, space travel, aliens, and tech. The mind people have to have to write an in-depth sci-fi, Einstein level legit.
Anyways folks, I'm off to work on a dark & dirty drug underworld book to forget my writing woes.
At least I'll be writing SOMETHING!


Monday, September 4, 2017

Update on Being Heard

So if you read my last post, you would know I got a nibble from an agent.
I want to break down the stats for you.
I emailed 6 different agents. 2 responded with a polite pass. 1 25pg request. 3 crickets.
I know I know I know, it's a holiday weekend so they're all taking the same time... Or they're all out for the same time...
It's excruciating waiting and waiting and waiting. But alas that's all to be done for another 3 to 5 weeks.
I've decided not to send out any more queries until I get responses back. Yes this may be the long way around. I think it'll pay out so I can tweak my emails as I go and find better way to "pitch" my novel. Until then, that's the full update.
Keeping trying to reach them goals! Oh, and have a lovely holiday!


Thursday, August 31, 2017

It's Not the Query

*************YOU GUYS!!!!***************
I have super duper supercalifragilisticexpialidocious news. So I've sent out 6 queries for my first novel. I have been trying for YEARS to get this published. YEARS! We've been through a lot together. Friends, jobs, tears, and revisions. Not to mention all the countless awful queries. Like extremely awful.
Down to the nitty gritty.
If any of you writers are pursuing the publishing industry like me you KNOW how huge this is.
A few things though. A: the agent didn't say "you're query is really buff! I gotta read your book."
No. B: In fact, this agent says, "I really don't read Fantasy." C: "BUT I'm intrigued by how you described your book."
***AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH****** (Insert heavy breathing into a brown paper bag)
Now now now. I acted like I've done this before. Cool as Larry, I quickly replied with a thank you and the first 25 pages of my novel.

I'm jittery and pretty much on an emotional high. So I keep telling myself, "this could be nothing." I'm also a crazy optimistic. "This could be the beginning."
So there you have it folks. It wasn't my query.
It was my enticing skills. Just kidding. It was the small paragraph at the beginning of my email stating why I chose this agent and a one sentence sum up highly dumb-downed (for lack of better words) point of my novel.
Anyways I'm off to slightly celebrate and pray a little bit more. It's amazing what hard work and faith will get you.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017



The main problem I witness with an imperfect query letter; to many words. The author crams as much information about the novel into 700 words. (Which is way too long if you care to know).

I have the opposite problem. Yes. My first queries for any of my novels are less then 120 words. And sometimes its a stretch to get them that far! I give enough bones of my stories but not enough meat.
So I'm sharing my writing angst to procrastinate on revising and writing. Thanks for that.

I'll place my query here and you let me know what you think. This is version #2, by the way.

   The felon that got away murdered her father but left too many clues for a seasoned bounty hunter. Now Losi wants revenge.

    Losi is on the hunt for a felon named Kos when she forms an alliance with a disgraced military officer. Their search on ETP156 doesn’t discover Kos but what they do find, is a conspiracy and anyone who interferes ends up dead.

    Kos is a pawn in the conspiracy as well as the disgraced officer. If they can unravel the mystery in time they can save countless lives. At the heart of the plot is an intergalactic collapse.

Let me know what you think. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why Lose Motivation

Fellows, we are gathered here today to witness the death of a writing streak.

Ever wonder why you lose motivation? I ponder this all the time. There are days when all I want to do is COMMIT, COMMIT, COMMIT, to writing, editing, finishing, typing, ANYTHING that has to do with my personal writing career. The desire is so strong, I feel the fire burning in my chest. My fingers tingle with the anticipation of touching the keys of my laptop.
So why is it...I feel the extreme opposite? A void so big it threats to swallow me up. Dark and thick as tar slowly consuming my once burning desire? What if I don't want this bad enough? What if I can't be published? What if my book will never make it to that list? What if no one ever reads it once it's published? My books won't ever be as good as So-and-so's; why bother?

I know. So. Many. Questions. I seriously doubt myself especially on days I shouldn't, like the days I don't feel motivated. It's a bad circle of never-endingness. UUUGGGGHHHH.
Then I get stuck in this...unmotivated state. I get caught up in the despair.
That leaves us with the ultimate question. How do we defeat it?
When you find an answer let me know. I normally push through anyways. After a few days of not writing, I start to get this itch. This itch to write. If I don't get a writing itch, I do it anyways. If I don't ever start, I won't ever finish. Practical right. But why is it so hard to just do it??

Tell me how you defeat the despair and what your struggles are.

As always,

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Freelancing Anyone?

I know I have been MIA lately. Such are the trifles of juggling life.
My most recent endeavor is freelancing. Anyone heard of UpWork?
I love to be creative and write. I'm not making money with it right now. Might as well give it a try.
You know what happened? I found stable writing jobs. Yes. JOBS. UpWork takes a little cream from the top just like all other big online companies do when your selling an item. But what's the difference if this company takes the cream or Ebay, Amazon, or Etsy? None really.  Be smart and make sure you're aware of scammers.
As far as personal writing, I'm torn between finishing my goal or working solely on my NA Fantasy trilogy. Ugh. Not to mention I have this crazy new idea for a novel that is nagging me in the back of my head. Wanna know?! Okay I'll give you a hint. Think EVIL mermaids. Pretty dark for me but whatever, I'll go with it.

As always,

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Twenty: Seventeen

So my lovelies;
This year is half over....or half started if you're one of *those* people. 
As far as writing goals this year, yes I am winning! 
My first milestone was to complete revision of novel: book 1 plus write a query letter for said novel BY June 1, 2017. 
So I've moved on to milestone #2. Type out completed Sci-Fi book 1 BY December 30, 2017. This may seem odd to some of you. But ya see, I have a weakness for hand writing my novels in composition notebooks with just the right pen. Huge weakness I know. My life would be much less complicated if only, IF ONLY, I typed all my novels from the beginning. I can't bring myself to commit to such a big task. Plus, notebooks can be easily carried in the over-sized bags I love to tote around. I guess it feels like all the charm slips from my fingers when I begin to type. 
I'm also working on setting new milestones for next year, although those greatly depend on the success of this years milestones. 
Tell me, fellows, how is this writing thing going for you? 


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Slaying Them Goals

Hey there!

Fantastic news! Edits for my novel are nearly complete! I'm still waiting on another Beta to forward their notes.
Writing life is ggooooooooooood!
Now I've compiled a new query letter. (Anyone what to take a look at that?)
So onward forth to find a worthy champion, I mean agent.
Remember my last post about turning over a new leaf? Yeah I'm turning them leaves!
(I may or may not have had too much coffee this morning :) )

For all those writers (even those who refuse to call themselves so) you can do this. You can finish that novel, poem, short story, or any other work you pen. Trust me. It gets better. You'll find the time or carve it out. You'll push through the grunge & be right beside me pursuing publishing.
It's tough but it'll make you tougher. It will make your writing better.

Anyways, I got work to do & you do too.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What About Turning Over a New Leaf

Year 2017.
Would ya look at that? Did you ever think you would make it this far? I did but not necessarily in the way I thought I would.
Old me would  be graduating from veterinary school, interning somewhere familiar and starting my life.
The me now? Nowhere near those goals above. And I'm okay with that. :)

Thanks to a few encouraging people, cheer-leading on the side, I've accomplished far greater tasks than in the past. Do you know the anxiety and struggles of handing your novel over to Beta Readers?!
Intense! Would have ever done this in the past? No. Nope, aaaaaaaand nope.
Then I realized something this brand new 2017 year.
How exactly did I expect my novel to be loved by others if I don't share it?
If I don't share it, how do I expect to be published? No agent nor publishing house is coming to knock on my front door (AS IF they could find me out here in rural Bible Belt), ask to read my novel then offer to publish it.
My solution to all of this; buckle down hard.
The Betas provided very good feedback. No, not all of them raved about my book. They offered very constructive criticism. Something I discovered, I may ACTUALLY have excellent material. Not only is it worthy of reading, it's so polished it's near publishable state.
Hiding away in the closet, showing not a soul, under the box of keepsakes, are my beloved stories.
All the hours, sacrifice, questionable strips of my novel have paid off.
This year. This 2017 will be my year to pursue publishing. I won't stop working, editing and re-submitting until I win.