Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thieves of Lying

Masters of an art,
  Eloquently they weave out the truth and in the lie.
  With lies the feed our minds.
The Thieves of Lying
They steal the truth as a thief in the night.
  They take the truth and replace it with the lie.
The Thieves of Lying
Tricksters are they.
  They walk around plain as day.
  Then waiting in the shadows of night to strike.
Thieves of Lying
Deceiving is their game.
  Concealing what is real in a cloudy haze.
  Playing tricks on your eyes.
Thieves of Lying
Victims are we.
  Taking and trusting their words to be true.
  While they put on the mask of feign.
Thieves of Lying
They don't stop.
  They prevaricate and equviocate as they weave their web of    lies.    
Thieves of Lying
Helpless are we
  To their schemes
  They feed on our misery and prey on our pain.
Thieves of Lying
Their web will be their doom.
  The sticky strands will wrap around their fingers pulling them in.
Thieves of Lying
Their lies will be revealed.
  They will hang their head in shame at their web of lies, as the truth is told and lies exposed.
Thieves of Lying
Fools they thought us to be
  We believed their every lie which dripped black from their lips.
Thieves of Lying
Wise are we
  For seeing them for what they really are.
  Thieves. Liars. Pretenders.
They are the Thieves of Lying.