Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things of Beauty In Nature

There are things in this world I believe everyone takes for granted at one time or another. It's the simple things in life in reality. For instance, the moon. Have you ever noticed just after sunset, the moon? The sun is slowly sinking behind the earth to awake the other side, barely are it's rays touching the land, just for a few moments the moon, which almost is transparent is rising in the sky. The moon looks so big and grand you could touch the pitted surface. I always gasp in wonderment. It always stop my train of thought and I think, Look how beautiful it is! Most people probably don't notice.
The wind blows through the corn fields making it rattle as a snake. 
The smell of the laundry after it's been hanging to dry outside. 
The colors the clouds make with the sky as sun begins our day by saying, "Hello" 
The flowers in bloom, bringing a break from green and lighting our world in glorious color.
My world could never be black and white. I am spoiled by the colors of life.
The silence of the country. So still. So quiet. As if peace itself rests here. 
The song of the birds, playing outside. 
The feel of the soft grass beneath bare feet. 
A rainbow high in the sky reflecting from the soft rain.
The smell of earth as the soil is tilled. 
The fading of bean fields, readying for harvest. 
The wheat field by the corn field. The colors contrasting so harshly yet so beautifully. 
The natural stream and marsh land that holds as a home to the wildlife and a swan, who so elegantly glides on the water and takes into flight, making me wish I could fly. Where do you go in cold weather? Will you take me with you?
The warmth of the sun on your skin. Your body sighing at the heat needed on fall days.
The changing of the leaves, falling slowly to the ground.
The naked trees preparing for the winter when frost and snow shall be constant companions. 
The smell of the pine, ever so strong in winter as the chilly wind blows. 
The light shining off the trees covered in ice. Truly, a winter wonderland.

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