Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Finding Remedies

< Don't find fault, find a remedy >
               - Henry Ford 

So I read, a lot, as any writer should. But there was something missing in the stories I would read. This didn't compute right. Too much mushy stuff. Not enough of this. The character tried too hard. I literally could fill this blog with my angst over books I have read. This is was one of the reasons I began writing stories. (Although I could rip your heart out with poetry if I had too) But it's not the same. I found fault in almost ever book I read. So I wanted to create my own. Then I did. My remedy was to create the perfect novel! Ha! Looking back I realize all those novels where perfect in their own way. They were published after all and my novel wasn't. My remedy led me to where I need to be. Writing. So I encourage you, in all your endeavors, to find a remedy. It might unearth the best in you.

Keep your pen up!

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