Saturday, March 11, 2017

Slaying Them Goals

Hey there!

Fantastic news! Edits for my novel are nearly complete! I'm still waiting on another Beta to forward their notes.
Writing life is ggooooooooooood!
Now I've compiled a new query letter. (Anyone what to take a look at that?)
So onward forth to find a worthy champion, I mean agent.
Remember my last post about turning over a new leaf? Yeah I'm turning them leaves!
(I may or may not have had too much coffee this morning :) )

For all those writers (even those who refuse to call themselves so) you can do this. You can finish that novel, poem, short story, or any other work you pen. Trust me. It gets better. You'll find the time or carve it out. You'll push through the grunge & be right beside me pursuing publishing.
It's tough but it'll make you tougher. It will make your writing better.

Anyways, I got work to do & you do too.


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