Thursday, August 23, 2012


As I walk down the street, I see a little white cloud.
He has followed me for three blocks now.
I look up to him and ask, "sir why is it you follow me so?"
"Have you ever sat upon a cloud?" He asks.
"I have not."
"I was wondering what life was like way down here. That is why I have followed you so."
Honored, I feel for few are followed by clouds.
I decided to show him around.
I showed him the flowers, which he marvels because he can't see them way up there.
I showed him the forests and pines.
"They look so small from the sky!"
We walk the fields, which are ready to plant.
"Way up there they look like a patch but here they are so vast!
I would have never thought the world was so big!" He exclaims.
We gaze at nature in all her beauty.
But a police car rooms by with loud sirens.
"What is that?" He asks.
I think of the sadness of my world and the wars.
"Sometimes the world is not so nice." I sadly say.
The cloud seems to have turned grey.
"That is sad indeed" he agrees.
"What is life like way up in the sky?" I ask.
"It's filled with kindness and compassion.
The birds are your friends.
At night we play with the stars
We never grow weary but if one is sad, so are we all."
"It sounds lovely" I state.
"I will take you if you like"
He offers a seat and up we go.
We go so high the world begins to fade below.
So small our world seems way up here. 
Of being cold, I have no fear.
For the cloud has wrapped me in his warmth.
The other clouds greet me kindly.
The birds sing to me sweetly.
At night the stars come out.
Hide and seek is what we play.
They twinkle and sparkle and give themselves away.
Bunches of fun we have, way up here in the sky.
But too soon I grow weary of no work and all play.
I miss the colors of my world.
For here in the sky is mostly grey.
The cloud asks me, "why do you look so blue?"
"I miss my home down below."
"Oh my! What do we do?"
"Will you take me back home?"
The cloud looks down.
"You wish to go back below?"
"Yes" I quietly say.
"Very well" the cloud sadly says.
He offers me a seat and all too soon we start our descend down.
Down, down, down we go the cloud and I.
Once we have reached below, the cloud turns grey.
"We shall miss you, way up in the sky"
"I shall miss all of you" I sadly say.
Our goodbye is short and sweet.
And wouldn't you know it the cloud started to cry.
He flies in a hurry to be back in the sky.
Pretty soon the sky turns grey.
And I remember the words he said.
'If one is sad, so are we all'
Now their tears begin to fall.
Rain pours down from the sky.
I realize no one is too big to cry.

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