Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Battle

To unveil this long kept secret
To revel what my lying eyes have told
To release such a dark creature

To be free of a battle that since long ago, has proceeded
To remove my scared helmet
To drop my shield

To sheath my sword
To unlatch my armor
To step away from chaos

To walk off the battlefield
To leave it behind
To face the sun

To embrace the warmth of it's rays on my face
To run, to run far away
To run without taking a breath

To run without missing a step
To run through the trees
To run through the fields

To reach the gates
To see the Father
To receive His loving-kindness

To be welcomed as His daughter into his arms
To be forgiven
To be accepted

To be free from addiction
To have no more pain
To have no more burdens

To have no more worries
To be safe at last
To be seen perfect in His eyes, for He created me

To give praise
To give glory
To honor His name

To be with my brothers
To be with my sisters
To be with my King, my Savior for all of my days

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