Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Making Up Your Mind Has More Power Than You Think

Forgive the miss on last week. I'll give you a double dose of encouragement today!

"If you made up your mind that you can't do it, you're absolutely right."

"You can't test courage cautiously."

The first quote reiterates the point of many. Once your mind is made up, its the direction your life will take. It's the one block in Jenga that sends the tower crumbling down and scattering the pieces. This is so powerful. Your mind can give you unfailing determination and the will a of super hero. Your mind, likewise, can poison your entire being down to your soul, leaving you like a whithered flower. Pretty powerful stuff. So think hard before you make up your mind. No. No you cannot test courage cautiously. It's all or nothin' so throw your chips in, kind of thing. You're either acting courageously or sitting in the corner. What little knowledge I have of the publishing world, I have discovered the publishing world requires one to be courageous. If you're not courageous, you'll never get that nice advance or publisher. You'll never snag that agent with a witty query letter, you probably won't even write a query letter. You'll be too shy to ask for a critique. Who am I kidding? You won't have any one read your manuscript. This my friend why you need to be courageous without hesitation. If the cowardly lion can become courageous, then so can you. w

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