Thursday, August 28, 2014

Update & Other Useless Information

Good morning! :)

I thought of doing things a little different today.  I'm so excited to announce this!
Some of you may roll your eyes while  others maybe just excited  as I am. 
I finally hit 71,100 words for my MS.  This may not seem like a goal for all those  authors  who have N books piling up.  But for me it's an accomplishment. For someone who takes her time to finish anything...this is a great feat.  All I have let is cue epic battle scene which is going to be my biggest battle, literally.  But night after night I chunk away at the scenes before,  building the necessary tension and fear in some characters. Who wouldn't be scared facing an army knowing you have to defeat the bad guy or else the world will fall? Riddle me that. 
I'm hoping to have everything finely tuned for an online contest coming up at the end of October. All I really need is peace,  quiet &  a few hours to hash this all out then a few days to tweak. I got this!
Wish me luck!

P. S.  I thought I posted this last week,  so I'm still behind.  But I'll get all caught up.  No worries!  :)

Any tips or advice about contests? Comment & let me know what you think. 

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