Friday, September 16, 2016

My Promise to You

So you know all those websites that boast free stuff? You know. Books, e-courses, meal plans, & DIY-ers. Beware!
Now most of these places have good intentions, & I'm not trying to discredit them in any way. I enjoy reading some of the emails I receive from the mentioned sites. WHAT I cannot stand is this...every other email is SELLING something. I get it. Self-promo & all the things that come with it but lay off. I guess my big beef is don't claim you give free advice, help, and projects then pitch me all the items you need, want, or worse yet 'get a percentage' of a sale item. It gets better! The original sites/people first off promise to never "spam" you. Expect for it turns into that. Second, they start these other promotions "you would be interested in" so not only are you receiving one email 3x a week, it's 2 or 3 emails 3x a week. Oh added bonus emails: when the sale is ending, "hurry to get your copy now!" Seriously stop. You're starting to sound desperate. Trust me I'm unsubscribing from these pests. With my rant over, I promise you, my readers, once I do 'make it' not to email you more than once for any item. I will stay true to my reason for blogging in the first place. Sharing my journey & encouraging others on their own writing journey. Anyways, #keepyourpenup & have a great day.

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