Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Topic That's About To Get Old

NaNoWriMo kids is right around the, book end.
Let's talk genres & potential novel starts. I have so many seriously I can't stop!
Just to throw a few out there for you:

  • Urban Fantasy based on cultural meths and legends featuring meek & mild protagonist young adult.
  • Urban Fantasy based on current culture trends and may or may not have been inspired by the election. Features strong willed rebellious twenty-something woman caught in vicious realm. 
  • Full bodied Fantasy based on a dream of a friend. (This one can go many ways) could be young adult or new adult. Shy and introverted young adult. 
See what I mean. Lots of possibilities, lots of out comes. Now I have other starts but these are my top picks. I'm leaning toward the middle one. It has the most meat so far & taking on a challenge like NaNoWriMo, I want as much fleshed out start as I can get!

What are you considering for NaNoWriMo?


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