Monday, June 30, 2014

Letting a Little Fangirl Show

A tidbit about myself.
I am a huge horse enthusiasts. The 'horse' stage that most little girls grow out of...I never left. I've ridden horses a fair amount in my life. I've worked with quite a few of them as well. Not only am I an aspiring author, I am an aspiring horse trainer. I know a little more than the basics when it comes to horses but I would also love to hone this skill in. As for my fangirl I will share with you my dream horse.
This ladies and gentlmen is a Gypsy Vanner horse. I won't bother going into great detail about how perfect these horses are with beauty that, dare I say, rivals a Morgan. So if anyone wants to buy me one for Christmas, I won't refuse.
;) Until I can afford one I'll settle for just about any horse I can get my hands on. Beggers can't be choosers right?

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