Friday, October 10, 2014

Exciting News

Good morning my readers! 

Today is a very good day! Last night was a very good night! (Minus the really scary dream I had about a possessed more decaf coffee before I go to bed ever again.)
SO the big news is I finished my MS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!! I could probably do cartwheels all the way to work, but I won't. 
Nearly five years. Yes five in the making I have a complete MS.
Coming in at a taunt 80,500 word count, is my very first (hopefully) New Adult Fantasy MS.(& if I see another New Adult cover with half naked bodies, I will set fire to something)
I was so shocked when I finished it. I just sat looking at my laptop. I repeated "It's done" a few times and my husband may have thought I was nuts. 
Since it's had major revisions and upgrades this year alone. I'll read over and re-edit the last few chapters. 
I want this polished & shining for the Baker's Dozen contest,taking place October 28th! It's just around the corner. 
Wish me luck! & have an awesome day as well. :)

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