Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Ledge

The decisions I make are not my own. 'Take a left, it's only a stone's throw' The path which leads to the ledge. The ledge of unknown, of wonder, of great mystery. My known years could not prepare me for this. My path is filled with wondering in the lost, turns of misleading. But your hand softly clutches mine. Through the dreary fog I see your face. "You'll always have my hand to hold" you gently say. A pair are we now as we make it by somehow. Stitched together are we for our lives and by our tragedy. Nonetheless here we stand on the ledge. Dark clouds above and heavy is the air that's across the ledge. Stare as we will hard as we might there is no seeing of what lies beyond the ledge. Apart, great is our courage as the cowardly lion. But our trust in each other is what holds us together. Our bond is strong which it needs be to conquer the great mystery. There is no turning back and no regrets. Memories and milestones will be all that's left when we cross the ledge. Now. All that's left to do is step.

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