Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Oh Night come swiftly and drift me off to sleep With heaven leaden eyes ,I lay wishing to dream Within your dark cover I seek peace Awaiting a restful night "Clear your mind," the Night says "I shall show you marvelous things of that which you will dream" Oh Night, come softly to ease this troubled mind. With your mystical powers take me away. Far away. On adventures and into my lover's arms. Oh Night, fulfill this which you have promised. And take me into the night. The Night wraps me in his darkness so easily and kind. "Come my dear," the Night whispers gently "Rest for your body and soul is what you seek and is that which I provide. For some hours you will be mine. So come my dear and close your eyes". I follow helplessly and willingly to my pursuer. "Come" the Night beckons more urgently. The Night tugs at me eagerly as a child wishing to play. "Yes. I will come" I answer. I am eager also to see what is in store for this night. My eyes close ever so slowly while my mind wonders through a dark place. I surrender all consciousness to the Night, awaiting the peace to flow. "That's it. Come to me, my dear" I hear the Night say As I drift to sleep in the comfort of my sheets.

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