Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Disposition of the Alluring Lights

The alluring lights hung so beautifully in the sky But once captured all too soon fade The smile on your face from their wonderment Is replaced with a frown of disappointment Their mysteries revel themselves Though beautiful they are filled with selfishness Deceit is their game at which they play Lying is their forte Their charm is consumed within their conceitedness Their black hearts tell of their nature Their true intent is to display disillusionment which you will buy To please and content them is what you are fooled to do Stupid of you but yet you are too blind to see They slander that which is good Malice and chaos is that which they seek They feign being kind and friendly But too soon you discover their character is deadly How so may a creature torment you? The answer is simple you see You are only sought as a pawn A mere piece to add to their collection An object of little value Lowly is all they see you as For they have no feelings of remorse or regret For they have no heart for such things it is a waste for them They only feign and they only pretend They will use you and leave you in the end

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