Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The morning whispers ever so softly in my ear "wake up" My eyelids flutter as I come to life The light, filters through the curtains landing on the sheets next to me What does this morning have for me? To wake me from my short slumber "Time to get up" I hear it coax Calling me from the warmth of my bed I resist, but the morning knows well of me It then gently wraps me within its grasp Pulling me away from my peaceful dreams and rest "Arise. For today is a new day. A new light shall shine" The morning sooths appealing to my better nature Oh how I love the thought of a new day, a new start My eyes are wide open A smile stretches across my face "There. Much better. There is much to be done today, beloved." "Yes" I reply to the morning, "There are many things to do today" Without any more convincing I climb down from my bed Yes. The morning was right. Today will be a new day. A new start.

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