Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Forest

The Forest, with hard woods Maple, Pine and Oaks. Trees as old as Time itself. Many of them watching our time pass With no more than a flicker of their own. What age and wisdom they hold for us. Oh what stories they could tell. Their serene and calm nature. I am lost in their peacefulness The earthly smell surrounds me. The dampened black soil and moist leaves. The air is warm and soothing just after the rain. The leaves left from the previous fall are beneath my feet. Debris from others whose time had come and gone To return to the rich soil in which they used to thrive. It is early morning. The dew is settling on every exposed surface. The moisture touches my lips as I breath in and out. The sun fights through the endless number of leaves. Nonetheless some rays manage to slip in the cracks. A few of the rays fall onto my skin. The rest play on the ground of the forest to which I have traveled. The sun allows enough light for me to see through the forest's darkness. I descry the surrounding trees. I am lost to their beauty and elegance. All of them different. From their roots to their new sprouts of leaves. The river birch is the closest to me. I place my hand on the smooth bark. It was always beautiful to me with it's unusual white color. There is a groan as it's branches sway. Almost as if it welcomed my company. What a wondrous place. I continue my journey through the forest, leaving my companion behind. Not a sound in this forest. Even my footsteps fall silent. If I listen carefully, I can almost hear them talk. Answering unspoken questions. I take it all in. The sights, the smells, the lack of sound, the leaves and sticks laying in the path. I come to the clearing. Blinded from the sudden burst of light. The wind hits my face. This new place so alien from where I once was. I gander behind. And place my hand on a familiar Oak. "Goodbye" I say, sad to leave this place of peace. My head up looking toward the sunrise. I take the first step into the grassy plain. Ever so softly I hear them whisper "Goodbye".

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